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Cappy and the Halloween Unmentionables

Service dogs in training often give us some of our most embarrassing moments. When Cappy, one of my Papillons, was about 6 months old, his favorite trick was retrieving. Halloween night my husband and I were at the door handing out goodies to trick or treaters. The pup was free in the house, as we were allowing him to greet the visitors and getting him used to all the scary costumes. I turned around, and the pup is nowhere to be seen.

Rushing off to find him, and spot him in the bathroom, where he's opened the cupboard door, pulled out an entire jumbo box of tampons, and ripped all the wrappers off. He's tossing tampons all over, catching them by the string, and generally having the time of his life entertaining himself.

I leave, knowing I don't have time to clean up the mess, and decide to see if I can recall him from his paper playground to come meet one of the goblins at the door.

The goblin stands next to his mother, his bag open wide to accept the candy we're about to put inside the bag, when the pup comes galloping up, screeches to a halt, moves into a sit and drops a drool-covered, soggy, unwrapped tampon neatly into the goblin’s bag.

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